The Charlford House Board of Directors is essential in making decisions that guide Charlford House in the right direction.

Nancy Matheson

Nancy has worked as a management consultant and a lawyer, and has held several management positions in the community sector. She has developed and used sophisticated system and problem analysis skills, married with a talent for helping people and organizations plan for and implement change. Nancy has provided services in the areas of governance, facilitation, strategic and project planning, organizational and project assessment, alternative service delivery, development and adaptation of project management plans and the tools to implement the plans. Nancy joined the Board of Charlford House in June, 2014. 

Laura Johnson
Vice President

Laura's career has spanned the non-profit and private sectors, where she has developed proficiencies in human resources, communications, and fundraising. With a background in recruitment marketing, Laura also has over 15 years' not-for-profit experience, including peer support for adolescent substance abuse counselling programs and coordinating civic youth initiatives. She has worked for over a decade at non-profit home care provider Greater Vancouver Community Services Society; she recently expanded her role in Human Resources to manage Communications and Fund Development. Laura is also a long-term North Burnaby resident and proudly joined neighbouring Charlford House's Board in 2016.

Sara Li
Interim Treasurer

Sara is a lawyer at a mid-sized litigation firm in Vancouver. She is passionate about helping women from all walks of life achieve their goals and strongly believes in the values and vision at the core of Charlford House. Sara has been an active volunteer for many years, and is delighted to have joined Charlford House’s Board in 2018.

Alana Schultz

Currently, Alana works as the Director of Fund Development Canada's leading digital rights organization, OpenMedia. Alana has enjoyed volunteering and fundraising for numerous non-profit organizations and charities since she was a student at the University of Toronto where she completed her Bachelor of Education. Alana is passionate about working with adults and youth affected by addiction and mental illness, and has tutored and facilitated art programs for clients at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Since departing from Toronto to Vancouver, Alana has continued to improve her fundraising knowledge and writing skills - she studied Professional Communications at UBC IT and has been involved with numerous non-profit organizations including the Vancouver Recovery Club and Charlford House.  

Kathryn Sainty
Past President

Kathryn has enjoyed a long and distinguished legal career. She is a very active member of a number of professional organizations, including CBACB’s Women Lawyers Forum. Kathryn has been involved with non-profit and charitable organizations throughout her legal career, including co-founding the Canadian Women Voters Congress and as President of Building Bridges with Rwanda Society. Registrar of the Supreme Court of BC from 2001 to 2014, Kathryn has recently returned to private practice, specializing in mediation, arbitration and litigation consulting. 

Jennette Leung

Jennette has worked in the non-profit and healthcare industry establishing an expertise in international development, marketing, and business development. She found a rewarding career in Switzerland working on humanitarian healthcare issues with the World Economic Forum and contributing to World Health Organization publications on the access and use of essential medical devices and medicines. In 2018, she returned to join TELUS Health in exploring the use of technology and innovation to improve healthcare delivery in Canada. Jennette is a member of several professional healthcare associations and has extensive experience programming initiatives for vulnerable populations in the Vancouver Downtown Eastside. She holds an MBA from the University of Geneva.

Rose Shawlee

With a focus on the estate and wealth advisory sector, Rose is partner in a law firm. She maintains a keen interest in organizations that focus on improving quality of life, particularly in her own backyard, and is delighted to volunteer with the Charlford House Society for Women, which she feels embodies this priority.

Rachel Mockler

Rachel Mockler is a construction lawyer. Her practice has been primarily focused on domestic and international  large infrastructure projects in Canada, US and the UK. She is currently Vice-President, Legal at Flatiron Constructors, a large construction company with projects throughout North America. In 2017, Rachel was awarded the CBA BC Debra Van Ginkel QC Mentoring Award which recognizes women lawyers who pledge their time to building “trusting and collaborative relationships” and sharing “personal experiences”, ultimately to help women navigate the ups and downs of the legal world and overcome the myriad of challenges they face. When she is not practicing law, Rachel enjoys golf, yoga, and the beautiful beaches of Vancouver. Rachel was appointed as a Director in 2018.

Julia Tchezganova

Julia is a lawyer practicing in the Ridge Meadows area with specialization in family law. Julia has always had a keen interest and involvement with organizations that target access to justice and provide services to vulnerable individuals. Prior to working as a family lawyer, Julia was part of a firm providing legal services to those in need of criminal legal aid defense counsel. Through this experience, Julia learned that there is a gap in services, especially dealing with addictions, that requires a lot of effort from the non-profit sector. Julia is very excited to work with Charlford House and to be a part of this wonderful organization.