What is a Third Party Fundraiser Event?

Third Party Events are fundraisers benefiting Charlford House Society for Women which are coordinated and implemented by an individual, a group or a company in the community. From a garage sale to birthdays or a gala event, possibilities are endless.

Register your Fundraising Event

To seal the partnership, the fundraiser should be registered with the society. The Third Party Fundraising Registration Form is available here:


If you do not have internet access, please contact the office at (604) 420-6601 and we will send you a copy.

Support from Charlford House

  • Marketing and Promotion of your Event

  • Processing of Donation Tax Receipts

  • Promotional Materials (ex. brochures, banners, donation boxes, etc.)

Marketing and Promotion of your Event:

Charlford House will assist you in notifying the media about your event by sending out press releases. We can work with you to prepare press releases and other communications material to promote your event.

Once you have registered your event with the society, the event will be posted on Charlford’s website. Your event information and a link to your fundraising site can then be promoted through our social media pages.

The society can provide you a sample sponsorship template if you wish to solicit sponsors for your event. Charlford House can also provide a basic template for event posters.

Use of Charlford House’s Logo: The Charlford House Society for Women’s logo is the Society’s property and therefore, use of the logo is allowed only with the expressed permission of the Society. Usage is limited to the approved event and we require final approval of any event materials containing the logo.

Processing of Donation Tax Receipts:

People supporting your event can be eligible to receive a donation tax receipt. All cash donations of $20.00 or more are eligible for a receipt. We require the following information to prepare a donation tax receipt:

  • Donor’s Name

  • Donor’s Address (including postal code)

  • Donor’s Telephone Number

  • Amount of Donation

The society can provide you with a generic template form for collecting this information.

Tax receipts cannot be processed by the Society unless the funds are remitted by the event organizer. The processing of donation tax receipts takes 2-4 weeks after the donation has been received through the office.

Promotional Materials:

Each kit will be created specific to the event and with the materials you request. All banners, signage and leftover materials post event are returned to the Office. Examples of materials: Banners, Brochures, Pledge Forms, Donation Envelopes & more.

Where the Money Goes

Charlford House Society for Women is dedicated to providing a safe, healthy and caring environment in which to experience recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Money raised will directly benefit the women we serve. For more information on the services Charlford House provides please visit our website www.charlfordhouse.ca.

If you have any further questions, please contact Miranda Vecchio, Executive Director at miranda@charlfordhouse.ca or call (604) 420-6601.

Thank you for your support!