Kelli - "A rose between the toes..."

The women who reside at Charlford House are all individuals. They are mothers, sisters, aunts, daughters, cousins and grandmothers. Some work as bus drivers, lawyers, office workers, sales people, doctors, accountants and entrepreneurs. Some aren't employed. Some are under-employed. In many ways we are physically different and indeed unique...from hair and eye colour to fingerprints and footprints we are all very different. And while these physical differences exist we are all similar in so many ways. Though we take every precaution to preserve the anonymity of our clients, we would like to introduce you to many of them throughout our website. They will share a thought or insight about a unique facet of themselves. Their feet. The feet that carried them through their lives, their addictions and into Charlford House. Every woman who comes to Charlford House starts an individual journey down a new and unfamiliar path to freedom from addiction. The course of that path is charted by the caregivers at Charlford House. The responsibility to walk that path falls on the women who come here looking for a new way of life. The women who "bared their toes" for this website chose to walk that new path. We invite you to read on and learn more...



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  • For women 19 years and older

  • Please see our admissions criteria in the services section


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Are you feeling alone, trapped by alcohol or drug abuse, and unsure where to turn
to for help?

Charlford House offers you a warm and caring place to start your new journey, where you can learn more about your substance use, its consequences and how to get onto a path of healing and hope.  Each of our staff has experienced similar problems to you, but has come through the recovery process and has been clean and sober for a long time.