Since 1970, Charlford House has provided a supportive treatment facility for women who are ready to move on from their substance addiction.

Charlford House is a non-profit rehab residence, not an institution. All of our empathetic staff have had personal experience with addiction, but have been clean and sober for a long time. They have all had formal education and training that equips them to help others on the path to recovery.

The women who come to our facility are embarking on a journey to recovery, needing the safe and structured support of professional staff and peers. For this reason, we are situated in a family-oriented neighbourhood in Burnaby, British Columbia. 


Our mission is to provide women with a safe, healthy and caring environment
in which to experience recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction.


We foster respect, compassion, and dignity
among our clients, staff, board, and volunteers. 

We embrace recovery as having a profound impact on individuals and their families. 

We cultivate peer relationships and mentoring
in our highly structured living environment. 

We support community integration through attendance
at Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous meetings outside our facility.


To stop the cycle of dependence
by increasing resources available to women entering into recovery. 

To provide a professionally staffed home in a non institutional atmosphere. 

To inspire hope and establish life long relationships
with the women and families we serve.


Our recovering residents strive to:

  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol

  • Increase their self-awareness

  • Find inner peace and strength

  • Use their inner strength

  • Enhance their personal potential

  • Be responsible for resolving their difficulties and problems

  • Build a solid base of recovery

  • Integrate the 12 Steps into their daily living

  • Establish a support structure for their lives outside Charlford House

Who We Serve

The graph below outlines our clients based on region. As visible in the graph, we even serve clients from outside of Canada.