Charlford House offers a continuum of care: the main program (minimum 90 days), transitional housing, and sober living.

The Charlford House main program (surrogate family model of treatment) offers the following:

  • Supportive drug and alcohol-free environment

  • Accommodation

  • Balanced meals

  • Aerobics or yoga twice weekly with a certified instructor

  • Group and individual counselling

  • Addiction education

  • Guidance and direction within the context of the 12 Steps

  • Motivational guest speakers

  • Written exercises

  • Contracting of responsibilities

  • Resource referrals

  • Recreational activities and socialization

  • Personal development opportunities


When you put energy into your recovery,
recovery becomes stronger than addiction.

Charlford House offers a program for women, based on the philosophy of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Within the context of a therapeutic community, our residents are able to explore their sense of self-worth and identity through group and individual counselling. The professional support of our trained staff, along with the support of other women in similar circumstances, creates a unique balance of love and structure that allows each woman to take on the challenge of personal change. 

The program is modelled after a bio-psycho-social approach that deals with all aspects of a client's life including parenting. Our team provides case management and linking to services in a collaborative way, assisting those who are mothers to rebuild their roles as capable parents. We encourage mothers to invite their children to visit the house on Saturdays and Sundays. The therapeutic value of caring for her child enhances a mother's sense of self-worth and personal responsibility, and promotes a positive maternal relationship.

Once clients have become stabilized, we assist them in accessing outpatient counsellors, doctors, parenting and career exploration programs. We encourage our residents to attend outside programs to ease their transition back into the community.

Our alumni are important to Charlford House as volunteers and are welcome to attend group sessions, come for a visit, or talk to a counsellor whenever they need to. While in residence, many women form positive, lasting relationships. After our alumni have been discharged, they are invited to return to the house as role models and friends to women who are new in the program.