Circle of Women

Circle of Women
Contributed by Linda Shaw

There’s nothing more powerful than a Circle of Women.

When I join the circle every day, I feel each woman becomes part of me, and I them. It’s as if we become as one, in a place so safe anything can be said, discussed, and even debated. I had often wondered how that worked, walking into the circle as a human doing, immediately turning in to a human being as I cross that invisible line. I suppose it could be contributed to DNA, the ancient circles of the first women, the warmth of the fire, suckling babes and the first blush of verbal communication. Perhaps it’s changed in content but not context. It’s still life and death, and the need for safety has not changed since that far off ancient time.

Living in solitary addiction is not the natural way of women. We are nurturers, we are bearers of new life, and our sisters are there in empathy with us and for us. The Circle is the place we recover together; the women becoming sisters forged by the fire of change. The support and love will follow us throughout each woman’s journey.